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Android tablet delivered by UPS left, ‘In Black Trash Can’


One of the reasons you should arrange to pick up a package rather than have it delivered!!!!!!

The UPS InfoNotice left in Tracey Sole's mailbox. (KTVI)

Courtesy of  Yahoo!!!!  Written by Charlene Sakoda

Tracey Sole, a mother in Barnhart, Missouri was understandably upset when she read a UPS InfoNotice indicating that the new Android tablet she purchased for her daughter’s Christmas gift was left, “In Black Trash Can.” The delivery was made on garbage pickup day and when Tracey looked in her black trash can for the delivery, it was nowhere to be found!!!!

For video on this story, click on this link http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/oddnews/android-tablet-delivered-by-ups-left–%E2%80%98in-black-trash-can%E2%80%99-215157631.html?vp=1