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Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar & Grill” Doesn’t Love Guns on Premises


toby keith with dogs

Toby Keith is about as American as it gets when it comes to his music, but when it comes to his “I Love This Bar & Grill” restaurant/bar chain, there’s one American right that he’d prefer you leave at the door… The right to bear arms. Toby opened his newest restaurant/bar location in Virginia — a “gun-friendly” state — with a sign that reads “No Guns Permitted”.

Before you get all riled up over gun control, you should know that even though Virginia allows its citizens to carry licensed guns, it also maintains that restaurant/bar owners and owners of other business establishments have the right to deny them on their premises if they see fit.  And, while many gun advocates are up in “arms” over Toby’s restaurant policy, there are many who support the idea that guns and alcohol don’t necessarily mix.  A former restaurant/bar owner himself, John Hicks, stated, “Booze and bullets are a recipe for disaster. I applaud Mr. Keith’s decision, regardless of the motive.”  What do you think?