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Blake Shelton Combats Divorce Rumors with Humor & Camo!


Blake Miranda National Enquirer cropped pic

What is up with the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce rumor that just won’t go away? In fact, how about 3 superstar country divorce rumors — all in the span of a couple of weeks!  For those of you not keeping up with the tabloids, I’m referring to the recent divorce rumors about Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher, Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, and Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert.

(National Enquirer cover)

National Enquirer cover

While the divorce rumor about Carrie Underwood and her hockey hubby Mike Fisher seems to be a new one; the Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw/Faith Hill rumors seem to continuously recycle themselves on the covers of tabloids everywhere.

And, without a doubt, Blake Shelton is the king of hilarious comebacks when it comes to responding to the gossip.  Referring to the latest story that he and Miranda are headed for $100 million dollar divorce, he joked on Twitter, “Wow, @MirandaLambert and I are so excited about our $100 million dollars!!! Who knew you could make so much money just by divorcing?!!”

Blake and Miranda CamoWhen, a fan asked what they’re going to do with all that money, Blake quipped, “Mostly just crack and hookers… Oh and Taco Bell!!!”

He also posted a picture of the two of them sporting matching camo, stating, “Words cannot describe how sexy she looks in camo!”

Awwww, Blake and Miranda in matching hunting gear — Aren’t they adorable?  Divorce? What divorce?!