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By Brian McKay-92.5 XTU

I’m writing to give thanks for everyone support with my tryout for “The Voice.”  I am so deeply touched by your compliments and posts on my Facebook wall, even though I didn’t get in..it was a “great experience.”

This is something I thought I would never go out for.  I’ve heard all about the “reality show” tricks they do to people but this was different, there’s no people in “chicken suits” to try and get on TV, simply put if you got “The Voice”, that’s what they’re looking for.

Every one of my fellow singers, if you’re thinking of trying out..GO FOR IT!!!!  Here’s what you can expect when you tryout.

1. Be prepared to get there early, around 3-4am..when I did that there was only 30 people in line but it grows fast. That doesn’t neccessarily you’ll be the first to audition, when you get in the doors depending on the place of venue there will be 3 lines to divide the crowd. Waiting in line was great, I got to meet someone who auditioned 3 times and telling us what to expect, I also met a senior in high school from Johnstown who just expeienced -42 winds chills earlier this week.  However if you made friends with someone in line, it’s a good chance you won’t see them for the rest of the day.

2. You’ll be escorted into another room when this time, you’ll be divided into 5 lines..there when you get to the front, you’ll get a color coded wristband and they’ll check your ticket..then you’ll be put in a line of 10 people and get escorted to your seat waiting to audition.  Now if you have a “front of the line”, that gets right to the audition room and you don’t have to wait.

3.  If something happens where you don’t have your release or like what happened with me in which I signed up for the Saturday audition but you ended up printing a pass for Sunday and just noticed it when I were there on Saturday..not too worry, go to the information booth and you can get it changed.  Just remember, the producers WANT you to audition and they’ll do their best to accomidate.

4. “The audition!!!!”  You and 9 other vocalists will audition for one of the producers, everybody gets to sing a chorus and verse from a song of his/her choice. One who was asked to stay sang “A Broken Wing” by Martina McBride and killed it.  I sang “When I Fell In Love” and gave it a gospel feel.  The producer will not comment on how well you did, what they’ll do is ask they people who they have an interest in to stay in room..for the rest, it’ll be the end of the line this time.  Me and two other girls got ask to stay. Then the producer called up me and another contestant who was sixteen year old and asked for our phone numbers cause they were “on the fence.”  If they want us back, they would call us by a certain time..if we got no call, then we try again next year..which is what happened with me.

I have to tell ya, it really depends on what the producer is looking for beside your voice..it could be your look, or what they need age wise..anything at all.

I will say I felt good, two of the singers gave me a silent “thumbs up”, and being asked to stay..I consider it a mini-victory.

Once again, if you’re a serious singer..give it shot, you never know unless you try!!!!!