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Andie’s Dish for Wednesday


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.59.15 AM Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.59.27 AMZac Brown went spearfishing with Eric Church. Zac said: “Eric shot a big sting ray one of the days we went. I went through the whole thing, cleaned it, fileted it, cooked it, and ate it.  Spearfishing may be my favorite activity that I’ve ever done.”




Bradley Cooper as the Elephant Man? It’s going to happen on Broadway.  Ifyou remember the 1980 movie that starred John Hurt as “John Merrick,”  the Broadway version is different b/c it doesn’t use makeup or prosthetics to create the deformities of the Elephant Man. Instead, Bradley Cooper will have to create his deformities through the physicality of his acting.



Ben Affleck reportedly recently paid for a woman’s groceries at Whole Foods. A source tells the site, “The woman in front of Ben kept swiping her credit card after her cartload of groceries had been rung up – but it was finally declined. The woman insisted there had to be a mistake, and kept asking the cashier to run it again as Ben let out a very audible, impatient sigh. When the woman’s card was absolutely declined, she tried a debit card – and when that didn’t work, said she’d punched in the wrong PIN and started all over again. Ben, shaking his head in disbelief, abruptly whipped out his own credit card, swiped it in the machine. The woman tried to refuse Ben’s generosity, insisting her card would work, but Ben told her, ‘Don’t worry…it’s a gift from me!’


Justin Moore says he’s really enjoying being a dad, and plays an active role in his children’s lives.  The country star explains that his oldest daughter Ella, who’ll turn four next month, joins him on the road even when his wife and younger daughter stay home.  He says they don’t use a nanny, it’s just him, Ella, and like 11 crazy uncles.  Justin and his wife, Kate, are expecting their third child this summer!


TMZ claims the Dickson, Tennessee police stopped ‘Peyton Manning’ for speeding last weekend. This Peyton Manning is an 18 year-old woman and not the Broncos quarterback.



And we all remember Full House, right?  Well, the guys from the show are reuniting for a Super Bowl ad for Oikos.  John Stamos does the commercials now, and there’s one running that’s a teaser for the Super Bowl spot that shows Uncles Jesse & Joey & Dad in their jammies joking about finally getting a place of their own.  (click photo to link to the new spot)