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Brett Eldredge Takes Vacation From Twitter (But Not On Purpose!)


Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge disappeared recently… Well, kinda sorta. If you follow Brett on Twitter, you know he’s a REALLY active Tweeter!  But,  in early January he abruptly disappeared seemingly out of nowhere.  On January 2nd he tweeted, “Goin to the islands…..audiossss” and then *POOF* he was gone. Well, except for a stray tweet from a buddy’s phone.  It turns out the “Don’t Ya” singer wasn’t avoiding his 93,000+ Twitter followers at all. It was simply a phone mishap. According to Country Weekly, Brett was in Puerto Rico vacationing and his phone just wouldn’t work.

“Goin to the islands…..audiosssss!” ~Brett Eldredge 

Brett stated, “Seriously, my phone wasn’t working, and I’m not making that up. I don’t know if it wasn’t activated or what, but at least it forced me to have some drinks in my hand rather than my phone in my hand all the time. I relaxed as much as I could on that trip and taking that break made me want to get right back to being busy again playing some music with my friends.”  Hey, a few rum drinks never hurt anybody… Just ask Kenny Chesney.

“My phone has been MIA for weeks but I’m alive, drinking rum, and loving my last days in Puerto Rico! Ready for this year!”  ~Brett Eldredge

Not to worry though, Brett’s back tweeting up a storm as he’s out on the road opening up on the Canadian leg of Keith Urban’s Light The Fuse Tour.  You can follow Brett on Twitter HERE.  He’s also up for ACM’s New Artist of the Year Award which you can vote on HERE.