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Toby Keith Wants You To Shut Up, Hold On & Video Tape!


Toby Keith

Toby Keith is looking for 15 second videos of yourself and your crew, your friends, your family, your coworkers or whomever… to shut up and hold on! Why? Well, he can’t exactly tell you… YET!  Grab your phone, videocamera, or whatever device you’ve got to record a 15 second video clip of your own version of “shutting up and holding on” and email it to TeamToby@gmail.com no later than midnight tonight.

Team Toby tweeted today that they’ve received video clips from everything to military barracks to living room sofas to tailgates so far — so have fun and be creative with it!  I’m thinking with all this snow–you could probably come up with something pretty clever!  And who knows? — Maybe you’ll show up in Toby’s next music video.  ;)

More details HERE.

Oh—and in case you missed 92.5 XTU’s MegaTicket announcement today– Toby will be headed our way September 27th! Check the XTU Concert Calendar for more details.