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A “Who’s Who” in RadioShack’s Epic ’80s Super Bowl Ad


One of the biggest commercial highlights from the Super Bowl was this epic spot for Radio Shack where the 80’s decided to take their store back titled “The Phone Call.”  It features an almost star studded cast from the 80’s ready to reclaim their stuff like VCRs and computer monitors.

It was so funny for two reasons.  First, Radio Shack was poking fun at themselves and acknowledging the perception of certain people that they were “so called” behind the times and the group of 80’s stars and icons that were part of the commercial.

Here’s a role call of some of people in the commercial in order: (check out the longer version that was on-line)


Mary Lou Retton was seen grabbing the VCR, Mini TV & Radio

Kid & Play were taking back their computer monitor while the California Raisins were dancing behind a “portable stereo.”

Dee Snider in his “Twisted Sister” garb is seen cleaning off the shelves.

Bubba The Owl from the original “Clash Of The Titans” was seen looking around the store.

“Jason” from the “Friday The 13th” movies steals a TV set.

“Alf” is starting to take apart the shelves (and yes that was Paul Fusco.

John Ratzenberger (Cliff Clavin from “Cheers”) was grabbing and stacking boxes while video game icon Q*Bert was jumping on the boxes.

“Teen Wolf” (and no that was not Michael J. Fox playing the role in the commercial) was seen taking some items.

“Erik Estrada” in his “CHiPs” uniform was seen “flirting” with someone representing a “Solid Gold Dancer.”

“Chucky” from the “Child’s Play” movies was seen manically cutting up the carpet.

“Hulk Hogan” was lifting one of the store pieces above his head, while in the background “Sgt. Salughter” was taking back another computer monitor  and “Slim Goodbody” was taking back his portable radio.

Even the “Delorean”  from “Back To The Future” made an appearance to make a “quick getaway”!!!!!!

And at the end of the spot “Slimer” from “Ghostbuster” arrived too late to get any of the 80’s stuff!!!!

Check out what it was like “behind the scenes” taping this commercial…..