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Dierks, Tim & … Flea?


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Dierks Bentley and the pop-rock group OneRepublic are doing a CMT Crossroads special.  Yay! I’m really excited about that!!!  We’ll keep you posted on an air date.

Dierks releases his new album Riser on Feb. 25th and he made a movie about the making of the album.  Dierks Bentley: Riser will air exclusively on CMT on Feb. 22 at 2 p.m. and the full-length film will air the same day on Palladia at 9 pm.

Look, Mom, no cord!


By now you’ve probably already seen the photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show – but their instruments aren’t plugged in.  Flea, from the band, tweeted – No trickery.  No choice, but no trickery.  He went on to explain that the NFL wants a good product, so the music was tracked and the vocals were live.

Speaking of sports, Tim McGraw tells Country Weekly he likes the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. “Certainly, as a kid growin’ up, I remember getting it and seein’ it.  There is certainly somethin’ special about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue that we don’t need to go into detail about.”  You have SI, Tim, and we have you. mmmmmmm