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  • Oct. 30th- "Little Spots" (Somerdale) NJ
  • Oct 31st- "Winks" (National Park) NJ
  • Nov. 20th- "The New Irish Pub" (Clementon) NJ
  • Nov. 25th- "Pike Tavern" (Magnolia) NJ
  • Nov.27th- "The New Irish Pub" (Clementon) NJ
  • Dec. 31st- "The Moose Lodge" (Lindenwald) NJ





Danielle Darrow is a small town girl with a big voice who fell in love with singing at the age of five. With a toy microphone in hand, a tennis racquet as her guitar and the sofa as her stage, Danielle can remember entertaining for her make believe audience as if it were yesterday.

Danielle was raised and currently resides in Pitman, NJ. She is the baby sister of two older brothers, both of whom serve in our country’s Air Force. During the tender years of six to twelve, Danielle participated in many pageants where singing was her favorite part of the competition. At 19 years old, pageants are a thing of her past but her love for singing continues, especially her love for singing Country Music.

Inspired by artists like Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Gretchen Wilson, Danielle took her talents and today continues performing live at various venues from the Jersey Shore to the City of Philadelphia.

Over the past few years Danielle teamed up with “The Junk Yard Dogs” and performed at various charity events including Breast Cancer benefits and various Toys for Tots campaigns. Other performances included the Lakehurst Naval Station where they performed for our brave men and women who serve our great country.

Danielle is currently learning to play acoustic guitar and would eventually like to form an all country band where she can work with her originals and expand her musical horizons.

This past June, Danielle traveled to Bayou Studio’s in Nashville to work on recordings of originals “Cold and Cruel” and “Easy to Love”. Afterwards she enjoyed the 2009 CMA Fest. Like her idol Miranda Lambert, Danielle’s hopes and dreams still remain to someday be up on that main stage at the CMA Fest in Nashville where her songs from the heart can be heard and enjoyed by all.