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Geico Barbs Harley

From: Juk

8 months ago

Shawn Quinn-master sgt.

Hi daddy love u

From: Ryan Doyle

8 months ago

Adam Doyle

To my brother, we all miss you and are very proud of you. I miss doing things with you that make brothers bond together, but know you are doing great things. Hopefully when I see you again we can go to a country concert like old times! love you bro, and I know you will […]

From: Jess

8 months ago

All military members

I just want to thank every member of the military in each branch! Thank you for everything you do to protect us. In two years I will be joining the Air Force, and I can’t wait. God bless the military.

From: Bill Winans

9 months ago

All our troops

God bless you all for all you do. Thanks don\’t seem like enough.

From: Anthony Sanford

9 months ago

Sgt. 1st Class Anneris Nieves

Happy Birthday Baby!

From: Marie Vener Meyer

9 months ago

USN 1st class Matthew P Vener

To be so far away in Guam is a sacrifice with many reasons why but know you are thought of daily and that we ask God’s blessing on you and to all military who serve our great nation. Love you, Mom

From: courtney

9 months ago


Ryan I miss you already. Be safe and come home soon.

From: Mom

9 months ago

Lance Corporal Justin Schengelsberger

This deployment makes me even more proud of you. As the song my wish says everything that I wish for you my son. I heard the song wagon wheel playing today and it brought me to tears hearing your voice singing that song as we cruised along the cost. Be safe my son!! I love […]

From: Anita

9 months ago

Family away from Family

First I wanna thank my dad who is a veteran and served in Vietnam, I have a ton of Family and friends in the military but my niece is in Afghanistan right now, and just want to let her kno I love her so much and am very proud of her, but cnt wait to […]

From: Liz

9 months ago

Dominic Girondo

Nick, i so proud of everything that you do! We all miss you over here in the U.S. and are wishing you the best in Japan. You are the best big brother i could ask for! Love Ya!

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