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Geico Barbs Harley

From: Kathaleen

10 months ago

USA Military Family

My family has just officially joined you guys! My 22yr old son Stephen has joined the Army so many mixed feelings God Bless All

From: Mom mc

10 months ago

Casey Dougherty

I’m proud of you and want to say thank you for going to war to keep us safe

From: Donna Sturm

10 months ago

Shea Nolan

To my new Marine son-in-law: I am so proud of you!! You and Marcia were married only one week before you were sent to Japan. I know that you will both get to see each other soon. Be strong and proud!!! Love you lots!!!

From: Lauren

10 months ago

SSgt Joseph Santiago

Joey, You are the most amazing person i’ve ever met… 10 yrs in the USMC and 5 deployments. You’ve seen things noone should ever have to see, yet you always have a smile on your face! I am so proud of you and i couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend!

From: Bill Winans

10 months ago

All our troops

God bless you all for all you do. Thanks don’t seem like enough.

From: John

10 months ago

The Puppy Rescue Mission and Nowzad

I know this is a little backwards but, as a Soldier at home with my Afghan companion I must give credit where credit is due and these organizations need to get credit for helping thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. These two organizations have worked together to bring thousands of dogs and cats back […]

From: Anthony Sanford

10 months ago

Sgt. 1st Class Anneris Nieves

Happy Birthday Baby!

From: Chelley

10 months ago

All Military

A heartfelt thank-you for serving,and keeping our country safe. God-Bless,and hoping you can return to your families soon.

From: Melissa Schussler-Rexrode

10 months ago

CPL. Justin Rexrode

Im so proud of my hubby!! He did 2 tours in Iraq and is now home for good! Love you booga boo

From: Katie Frymoyer

10 months ago

Michael Passarella

Mike, You are only amazing person who have made it threw the tuff years of being in the marines. You seen things thats many people don’t. I love you and I am very proud of you! Stay Strong!!!

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