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Geico Barbs Harley

From: Chelley

8 months ago

All Military

A heartfelt thank-you for serving,and keeping our country safe. God-Bless,and hoping you can return to your families soon.

From: Melissa Schussler-Rexrode

8 months ago

CPL. Justin Rexrode

Im so proud of my hubby!! He did 2 tours in Iraq and is now home for good! Love you booga boo

From: Katie Frymoyer

8 months ago

Michael Passarella

Mike, You are only amazing person who have made it threw the tuff years of being in the marines. You seen things thats many people don’t. I love you and I am very proud of you! Stay Strong!!!

From: Kim Hagenbuch

8 months ago

1st Lt. Michael Poekert

Michael, Can never thank you enough for what you do. So proud to call you my friend! Can not wait to welcome you and the rest of the 1-104 CAV home tomorrow! Love ya kid!

From: Jon Converse

8 months ago


Good luck in boot camp man your like a brother to me. I know you’ll do great can’t wait to see you in 90 days. Hoorah

From: Lisa Salvo

8 months ago

Cpl. James K Salvo

Be Safe! Be strong! Prayers hugs always!

From: Lisa Salvo

8 months ago

PFC Matthew T. Salvo

Prayer hugs always! Stay safe! Stay strong! USMC

From: Lisa Green

8 months ago


LTJG Lauren DiPietro, I have been proud of you every single moment of your life, but never so proud as I am right now! I love you more than you will ever know. Come home to us safely! Love, Momma

From: Brittani Morris

8 months ago

Kenneth Morris

I solute my dad, Ken Morris, a Vietnam Vet who proudly served as a US Marine. He saw many fall and came home with difficult memories but still American proud! God bless all who served and serve!!

From: Kristin Coulter

8 months ago

Joon Keough

Jon we are so proud of you, you are a hero in camo! Thank you for all that you do for protecting our Constitutional rights everyday! You make our family so proud, stay safe in Syria, Love you Jon

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