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Geico Barbs Harley

From: Carly

9 months ago


Morg, I can’t wait till you come home! My life isn’t half as crazy, fun, or entertaining when you are gone. Love you, miss you and I’m so proud of you! Love your big sister, Carly

From: Dustin

9 months ago

To The Marine Corps

Happy Birthday Marines… Semper-Fi

From: Nicole

9 months ago

Patrick Quinn

RIP Patrick Quinn of Quarryville. Didn’t know him but I know a lot of people who did and I’m thinking of them.. Prayers sent to his family. Thanks for your Service Patrick.

From: Danielle

9 months ago

LCpl Joey

To the best fiance ever I am so proud of you and miss you so much! Thank you for being so courageous and defending our country’s freedom! I am counting down the days until your return! I love you !

From: Melissa Schussler-Rexrode

9 months ago

CPL. Justin Rexrode

Im so proud of my hubby!! He did 2 tours in Iraq and is now home for good! Love you booga boo

From: Ruth & Ed Donnelly

9 months ago

Al Military

May you all come home safe & sound to you loved ones — thank you for all you do for us back home God Bless

From: his fiancee Edith Norris

9 months ago

SSH Roy Thompson

I just want to let him know that I love him and me and his daughter are proud if everything that he does for our country glad to have him in our lives.Thank you soso much you are our HERO

From: Dominic - Age 10

10 months ago

All Servicemen/women

I want to thank you for serving our Country. I keep you in my prayers every night. I want to wish you ALL a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year. And pray that you all are home soon with your families. Love, Dominic

From: maria

10 months ago


Thank you!! God Bless You All!!!

From: Drew

10 months ago

All Military

Every year my local fire company go door to door in our small town and gives gifts to all the children and when I got home my wife said to me I wish you were home not with the fire company. With that I informed here of all the military men and women who serve […]

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