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Geico Barbs Harley

From: Your Best Friend ~ R

5 months ago

Tuff Chickey!!!

It takes alot of courage to serve in the military. You servered 15 years, got out, and now married into the military and started a family! Your one tuff chickey alright! God bless you, your husband, and family! Glad your home safe…..Now lets pray your husband always stay safe too!!! I love you!!

From: Alison

5 months ago

Veterans of WW II

Thank you for your sacrifce, selflessness and amazing example of how to serve others. You are truly the Greatest Generation! From a proud and grateful daughter of a WWII veteran – Go, Navy!

From: Andrew

5 months ago

Greatest Generation

Thank you for preserving the freedom and liberty hat we all enjoy today. Generations forever will be grateful.

From: The Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute

5 months ago

May 31st South FL Honor Flight Veterans

Welcome Home–Thank You for being our Role Models!!!!

From: Mrs. Randi A. Schwarz

5 months ago

WW2 Veterans

I wish to thank all of those who served in WW2, but also Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. My Dad served in WW2. He wouldn’t talk about his experiences, which I consider a great loss. I do know he served with Gen. Patton in North Africa and Southern France. I feel so fortunate that […]


5 months ago


We could not be happier to have you as our son, you are amazing, inspiring, and a true hero for your little sister and little brother. We miss you and hope to see you soon. Fair winds and Calm Seas. Love ya kid

From: Mike

5 months ago

All WWII veterans

Thank you all for yur sacrifices during those long years in WWII and esp yur sacrifices during the great depression and raising us “Baby Boomers”afterwards. My uncles fought in WWII and WWI. We owe yu ALL so much…!!! A Vietnam Veteran

From: Cathy and Allen Goldenstein

5 months ago

All who serve

Thank you for doing the hardest job out there. We can never repay you for all you have sacrificed. You are our heroes. God bless you and your families. Home of the Free, because of the BRAVE!

From: Toast

5 months ago

PVT Jelly

You, miss, are my inspiration. Proof that it’s not how many times life knocks you down that matters, but how many times you get back up.

From: The Branigan Family

5 months ago


THanks to all for your service. My Dad is a WWII Vet, he’s 91. We truly appreciate all of your. Thanks for our freedom!

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