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Geico Barbs Harley

From: The Leo Family

6 months ago

All the Veterans!

Thank you to all the veterans from WWII. Your sacrifice is never forgotten.

From: SSgt Magana

6 months ago

All WWII Heros

A huge thank you to all WWII Heros. My grandfather was also a WWII Vet. I am so greatful for everyones sacrifice to this great country. I have followed in my families foot steps and joined the Air Force. Proud to serve with all vets, past, present and future. Thank you again for your dedication, […]

From: Mike McCormick

6 months ago

Wally Walzak, Al Monte

Grew up with these guys in my neighborhood. Great heros who lead us kids by example

From: Lorraine Henning Kiewiet

6 months ago

All WWII Vets

Especially the 99th Bomb Group who served with my dad Jimmy, based in Foggiia, Italy. And the Tuskegee Airmen who protected the B-17s. All of the WASPS who flew aircraft state-wide. Thank you all!

From: Andie

6 months ago

Veterans of WWII

Thank you so much for your service. You are truly the greatest generation.

From: Kim

6 months ago

Sarah Wells and all who are and have served

I know its been some time since you were active and deployed, but I really thank God you came home safe. You and all the other military servicemen and women put your all into this country and “Thanks” is never enough. All gave some and some gave all and you are all in our hearts […]

From: Mom & Roland & family & friends

6 months ago

Senior Airman Miranda Mason

Thank you for being the strong and amazing young lady that you are. You make all that know you proud!! Continue being the great person you are!!!

From: Brandon

6 months ago

Every service member

To do what you do is amazing. When I was a kid I was always informed that freedom is not free, I understand why now. That’s why my papers for the Marines are being processed. See you guys soon. Stay strong, be safe

From: Candace Shelson

6 months ago

Capt. John Shelson -82nd Airborne 504th

Son, your 2nd tour of duty in Afghanistan, 1 year is too long. I miss you think of you every day. God bless all of you and THANK you for keeping us safe. I love you this much, Mom

From: Teri Wesley (mom)

6 months ago

Staff Segeant Chaz Laubach

I am very excited to be welcoming my son Staff Sargeant Chaz Laubach, USAF, home on his first leave back to the states in almost two years! Chaz has been stationed at Royal Air Force Lakenheath for nearly 4 years, during which time he has been on numerous deployments. I am so very proud of […]

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