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Geico Barbs Harley

From: Donna Sturm

6 months ago

Shea Nolan

To my new Marine son-in-law: I am so proud of you!! You and Marcia were married only one week before you were sent to Japan. I know that you will both get to see each other soon. Be strong and proud!!! Love you lots!!!

From: Kathaleen

6 months ago

USA Military Family

My family has just officially joined you guys! My 22yr old son Stephen has joined the Army so many mixed feelings God Bless All

From: Liz

6 months ago

Dominic Girondo

Nick, i so proud of everything that you do! We all miss you over here in the U.S. and are wishing you the best in Japan. You are the best big brother i could ask for! Love Ya!

From: Mom and Dad

6 months ago

Brian Jr.

We are so proud of you Brian Jr. 5 months of Army MP training, you are going to be an awesome military police officer. Thank you for serving our county. Good luck at your First Duty Station!

From: Chris O'Rourke

6 months ago

All our service men and women

Thank you for your sacrifice, dedication and service.

From: Rebecca

6 months ago


Thank you Uncle John for all that you do! I know that we don’t see each other often, but I am so thankful for all that you do!

From: His wife, Kerry Brenneman

6 months ago

My husband, SPC Joshua Brenneman

It’s been just over 3 months since you’ve deployed and although the days get easier, we still cannot wait for the day you come home! We love you dearly and miss you terribly! Come home safe and soon!! Thank you for being our hero! God bless you. Love, Kerry and Ella

From: Cheryl & Bruce Schaeffer

6 months ago

Army Sgt. Christopher Whitfield

Welcome Home Chris, after a very long year without you. Happy you are home safe and sound.

From: Juk

6 months ago

Shawn Quinn-master sgt.

Hi daddy love u

From: Ryan Doyle

6 months ago

Adam Doyle

To my brother, we all miss you and are very proud of you. I miss doing things with you that make brothers bond together, but know you are doing great things. Hopefully when I see you again we can go to a country concert like old times! love you bro, and I know you will […]

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