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To: James Keleshian – WWII 450th Bomb Group

From: Janice Keleshian

Rank of Staff Sergeant in the Army Air Force with a specialty of Aerial Engineer.
Enlisted in Army Air Force, Took Basic Training in San Antonio, Texas, Went to Aircraft Mechanic School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Took up Flying in Salt Lake, Utah, Went to Gunnery School in Panama City, Florida
Joined 450th Bomb Group – Tucson, Arizona – B24 Bomber
Flew our Bomber to Manduria, Italy, Flew 50 Combat Missions out of Manduria, Italy
Flew Bombing Missions over targets in Italy – Germany – France – Romania – Bulgaria – Austria – Hungary – Yugoslavia
Completed 50 Missions with the 450th Bombardment Group, 723rd Squadron, 15th Air Force. Flying B24 aircraft from 1942-1945. Shot down German fighter plane over Ploesti Oil Fields in Romania.
American and foreign official decorations / citations bestowed:
European African Middle Eastern Medal with 4 Bronze Stars
Good Conduct Medal
Air Medal with 2 Bronze and 1 Silver Cluster
2 Presidential Distinguished Unit Badge
AAF Air Crew Member Badge (Wings)
AAF Tech Badge with AER Engineers
Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor