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Natalie Acciani (Ah-chyah-knee) is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from southern New Jersey. Performing all over the Garden State and branching out recently to other states on the East Coast, she has been impressing audiences and gaining fan after fan with her live sets. Her three octave range and melodic voice are what originally draws you in, but it is ultimately her talent for songwriting and knack for performing that gets you to stop and listen.

Her self-released debut CD, “A Dangerous Thing”, was produced by the talented Jimmy Heffernan and co-produced by Natalie. It holds 11 of her original songs, including one that is very special — Natalie wrote the last track on the album, “Jake’s Song”, after losing a high school friend to cancer. All of the proceeds from Jake’s Song directly benefit the foundation set up in his honor, the Jake Wetchler Foundation for Innovative Pediatric Cancer Research. To learn more about this foundation, or to make a donation, please visit www.dontletthecancerwin.org.

Natalie discovered her love for singing at an early age and has since been classically trained in opera, broadway, jazz, and pop by world-renowned opera singer Badiene Magaziner.

It wasn’t until high school though, when Natalie started teaching herself to play the guitar, that she found her true passion: songwriting. Drawing inspiration from her own life as well as her loved ones, she writes about all aspects of life and love in songs crafted with clever lyrics and catchy melodies.

When she is not writing or performing, Natalie is usually spending time with family and friends or staring at a soccer ball, trying to remember how to play. She is currently saving up in the hopes of moving out on her own so, if you ever run into her, feel free to help a sister out… cash or check will do just fine. Just kidding…. but no, seriously….



"A Dangerous Thing"

"I Need The Rain"