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If you’re a member of the #XTUNation…and, if you listen to XTU, you automatically are! Welcome!…you may have already met Ally Turner.

Ally is an 11-year-old from Glenside, PA. After an accident, while taking a bath on December 8th, 2015, her parents found her unresponsive and underwater in the bathtub. They administered CPR and called the paramedics, then accompanied Ally from Abington Memorial Hospital to CHOP via a helicopter.

After more than 110 days in the hospital, and widespread support from her family, community, and others beyond, Ally finally came back home.

Ally was, in fact, one of our Grand Marshals in the 2017 Toy Truck Parade!

So, as you can guess, we’re pretty fond of this little girl. The XTU Morning Crew met with her dad here in the studio to discuss the hashtag he’s hoping to make go viral: #AllyMeetsTaylor

You see, Ally listens to Taylor Swift during therapy, and is a huge fan. Knowing this, the Eagles…yes, the World Championship Eagles…surprised her with tickets to Taylor’s Philly show! Ally’s dad, however, wants to take it a step further…he’s hoping to arrange a meeting between his daughter and the superstar!

Hence the trending hashtag #AllyMeets Taylor!

We would so love this special little girl to get the chance to meet Taylor herself, so we encourage you to spread the hashtag far and wide! Let’s get these two ladies together for a photo op!