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People React After Carrie Underwood Said She Might Have Missed Her Chance To Have A Big Family

Recently, Carrie Underwood's interview with Redbook surfaced online. During the interview, the country star spoke about a wide range of topics -- Including if she will have more children.

Carrie replied to the question and said that she's 35, therefore, she may have missed the opportunity to have a large family.

The comment seemed innocent enough, however, her comment has upset some fans -- Especially moms who are 35 and older and who have recently had a baby.

Several fans took to social media to voice their disapproval over the comment.

Skye33 on Twitter

@carrieunderwood You need to know your window for having children is not closed. The only thing stopping you is your decision to or not to. You can still have healthy children. 35 is not old, 35 is not too late, 35 is fine. #TheMoreYouKnow

Naturally, some of Carrie's other fans had her back.

Jonathan Cordell on Twitter

@pfcproduces Are you aware that at 35, OBGYN's start considering carrying mothers a patient at higher risk? Makes total sense to me to hear that 35, it's a bit late to begin having a "big" family.

natalie king on Twitter

@pfcproduces Did you miss the part where she said, "our chance". You don't know her medical history or what is said between her and her husband.

The last tweet was spot on, as we don't know Carrie's medical history or possible risks that have been communicated to her by her medical team.

We happen to love Carrie Underwood and think she's one of the nicest artist's in the business.

It can be easy to read into what someone says during an interview, but from our perspective Carrie was speaking about herself and not criticizing other woman who get pregnant at 35 or above.

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