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People Have Mixed Reactions After Recipe Change At McDonald's

McDonald's recently changed the recipe of one of their beloved items -- And people noticed.

Remember when Nutella changed their recipe last year and the immediate outrage that followed?

The McDonald's recipe change is like that, only worse.

Sorry folks, the new (healthier) apple pie has arrived at McDonald's, and some people are not lovin' it.

According to Business Insider, McDonald's apple pie now contains less sugar and has a simpler recipe.

Briggie on Twitter

What happened to @McDonalds "Baked" fried apple pies? These taste too healthy. 😉

Alexandria on Twitter

not even the apple pies taste the same anymore at McDonald's. my cravings were disrespected today

Michi Mena on Twitter

@McDonalds Please bring back the original apple pie!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????#mcdonaldsapplepie #applepie #mcdonalds

While some McDonald's lovers may not be thrilled about the recipe change, a spokesperson for the fast food eatery considers the healthier apple pie a step in the right direction.

And, some of their customers agreed.

SweetShrubSaint on Twitter

McDonald's new apple pie ????

Scholastic Jace on Twitter

UPDATE: McDonald's changed their apple pies and life is really good

Have you tried the new version of apple pie at McDonald's yet? Are you lovin' it or not so much?

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