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A lawsuit claims ingredients in a popular drink are far from natural.

Rather, the lawsuit says the drink contains synthetic ingredients that could be harmful.

According to Buzz Feed News, the class action lawsuit claims LaCroix Sparkling Water is falsely advertising their product.

Beaumont Costales, the law firm that filed the claim, states the company has four additives in their sparkling water: ethyl butanoate, limonene, linalool propionate, and linalool.

Of the four additives, linalool is perhaps the most concerning, as it is found in insecticide used to kill cockroaches.

To be clear, to our knowledge, no one has fallen ill after consuming the popular drink. Moreover, the lawsuit was filed in an attempt to urge the company to label their product accurately.

LaCroix product label states: “Carbonated water, natural flavor.”

The Food and Drug Administration defines the word “natural” as a product free of artificial or synthetic additives.

At this time, the law firm has not divulged how they tested the sparkling water or how they determined the ingredients in the drink were synthetic compounds.

However, it’s not the first time a company has had to change their packaging to remove the word “natural.”

LaCroix has issued a statement regarding the lawsuit and says they stand by their product labeling, citing they are confident their product is natural.

The company says it uses natural oils extracted from fruit to make each flavored drink in their product line.

Will this lawsuit make you think twice before picking up a can of the popular drink?

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