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Leave It To Dierks Bentley To Add Hilarity To The CMAs Dressing Room Situation

It's Trivia Tuesday, so let's start off by asking what kind of underwear does Chris Stapleton wear?

Well, apparently Dierks Bentley has the answer for you (insert laughter here.)

It's not unusual for country stars to make the rounds with the press in the days leading up to the CMA Awards, but Dierks Bentley just added some hilarity to the mix.

In an interview with Taste of Country, the country star revealed that everyone shares the same dressing room during the awards show.

As you can imagine, that can make wardrobe changes even more complicated.

However, Dierks painted an interesting picture for us in the video below.

Of course, he was joking (we think) but, if you're in need of a good belly laugh, watch the interview below:

Taste of Country on Twitter

Everyone shares a dressing room and @DierksBentley says it can get weird! ???? https://t.co/JhS1Ev3E0m

Catch all the action at the CMA Awards tomorrow at 8 p.m. EST on the ABC Network.

Here's some more Tuesday Trivia for you, and these questions are more legit:

CMA Country Music on Twitter

Happy #TriviaTuesday! It's our last day of trivia before the #CMAawards tomorrow so let's make it a good one! Let's start it off with something easy. Q1: What does CMA stand for?

CMA Country Music on Twitter

Q2: How tall is a #CMAawards trophy? #TriviaTuesday

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