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Would you let the world know about your wife’s skills in the bedroom?

Keith Urban did just that, revealing that the “maniac in bed” referenced in his song “Gemini” is actually his wife Nicole Kidman.

In the song, from his “Graffiti U” release, Keith sings:
“She’s a maniac in the bed
But a braniac in her head
And I know that everybody knows
Ooh, that she’s both”

“The song is actually about Nicole – and she loves it,” Keith told iNews. “It’s a fun song. My co-writer Julia Michaels asked me to describe Nicole and that’s what came out. ‘She is Gemini, but she’s not a contradiction. She can roll with things.’”

TMI? Or just True Love? The XTU Morning Crew talked about just that this morning. Click here to listen.



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