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Local area fans of “American Idol” will soon be able to watch South Jersey country singer Payton Taylor audition for a golden ticket, even though she received one last season.

The 22 year old most recently appeared on the 2018 season of “American Idol” where she played guitar while her sister, Taryn Coccia, sang. While talking to the sisters the judges encouraged Taylor to sing something, which ended up earning them both tickets to Hollywood.

However, the both sisters returned their golden tickets and decided to not compete against one another.

Taylor is back this year for another shot at a golden ticket.

She released her first CD, “Shine,” back in 2013 and most recently played in May at Prospector’s in Mount Laurel.

You can catch her “American Idol” audition at 8 p.m. March 17 on ABC.

-Nicole Siberry