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Maren Morris is back with “Girl,” which was released March 8 and is currently number one on the Billboard Top Country Album chart. This Boy has spent a lot of time with that Girl and here’s my review.

The album opens with the title track, and first single released, the caps lock friendly “GIRL.” I hope Maren is cool that I need pick myself off the kitchen floor sometimes too. And it’s not just because I hurt my back reaching for some run away M&M’s.

Feels” is next, featuring an acoustic strut, slippery keys and Maren scatting over a funky backbeat. The song opens up to a sing-along chorus I’ll have down in time for the show at The Fillmore April 26.

The first collaboration appears on track 3 as Brothers Osborne join Maren for “All My Favorite People,” a tune Maren’s husband Ryan Hurd has co-writing credits on. This one is destined to be performed live on one of the country awards shows that we recognize by initials only.
Fun Fact: Maren, Ryan, T.J. and John Osborne wrote “Greener Pastures,” which the Brothers recorded back in 2016.

A Song For Everything” name drops Springsteen (which this Jersey dude approves of) and gives a nod to Katy Perry in the opening line, hitting all demos within the first 20 seconds. “What’s your time machine/Is it Springsteen or Teenage Dream,” Maren sings and JD swoons. Yeah, she mentions Coldplay too, whatever.

If you’re wondering where the recently announced Maren Morris, Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires “HighWomen” supergroup has its origins, “Common” is one place to start. Maren and Brandi share vocals on this powerful song.

Flavor” is an appropriate track for Maren’s distinctive, funky-pop-country, bob-your-head and sing along in the front row kinda’ thang. If you know the groove to “Second Wind” from Hero, you’re half-way there already.

A prompt to turn your record over to side two introduces “Make Out With Me.” It’s all about the anticipation of seeing that special someone who has been away for a while. I think she’s talking to you Ryan. (just a hunch).

Gold Love,” written with producer Busbee, will sound just as good on 92.5 XTU as it will while you’re out dancing with friends in the clubs down the shore this summer.

Ryan Hurd, a hitmaker onto himself, has his touch on “Great Ones,” with the hook “Most loves don’t make it through/But the great ones do.”

Maren’s love of R&B shines through on “RSVP,” an “open invitation to an all-night situation.” And if you thought Maren wasn’t sexy enough singing it in English, she lays it out in French too.

To Hell And Back” flows with a swirling guitar and Maren’s effortless vocals. A likely single release from the album. One that will have a long lifespan on the country charts IMHO.

You’ve heard the saying, “the house has good bones.” So has Maren. “The Bones” is about building a strong relationship that can weather storms, peeling paint, shattered glass and wolves. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Good Woman” is a slow-burner… a little bluesy, with strings.

The final track of the 14-song album, “Shade,” starts sparse with piano and vocals and builds nicely. It’s not about throwing shade; it’s about finding your “perfect shade.”


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