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Little Big Town’s performance of “The Daughters” with the four members singing while ballet dancers danced in the background clearly moved the crowd at the ACM Awards.

Little Big Town singer Karen Fairchild wrote the song with Sean McConnell and Ashley Ray, and is reminiscent of the more adult subject matter that they’ve covered in their recent hits, “Girl Crush” and “Better Man.” But this is the first time they’ve touched on gender inequality in a song released as a single. Lyrics likeĀ “Oh girl, wash your face before you come to the table / Girl, know your place, be willing and able / Take it on the chin, let the best man win / Girl, shoulders back and stand up straight / Girl, watch your mouth and watch your weight / Mind your manners, smile for the camera” obviously resonated with many of the stars in the crowd, and feels like the rare country song written addressing the “Me Too” movement.

The group just released the single to country radio this week.


-Nancy Brooks