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Kip Moore admits he enjoys technology, but over the weekend with the celebration of Record Store Day and vinyl, he posted that he misses some simple things in life that are no more.

He posted to Instagram Saturday night, “My dad always had a killer vinyl collection & I used to love sifting through all of his albums checking the lyrics, inspirations, credits, and art work. There’s so many important things that I feel are slipping  through our hands in such an instant day & age we live in. Yea it’s nice to pull up a movie on Netflix, but some of my favorite childhood memories are jumping in my dads silverado with my brothers on a Friday night headed for the local blockbuster. There was even an excitement in wondering if the new movie that everyone is raving about will have any left on the shelf.”

Moore continued, “Technology is cool, but it’s also stealing our joy and memories that we’ll never make. Cheers to record store day and to all the vinyl stores still thriving. If you’ve never listened to an old record on vinyl, I promise you it smokes the sound quality of that ear bud you have on at the gym. Last….phone off, lights low, cocktail, beer, wine, or a lefty in hand listening to a vinyl record is the way music was meant to be heard.”

-Nancy Brooks