CNBC is catching heat over a video they posted about a “trick” that helps you spend less at restaurants. Basically they say – just tip less.

The guy in the video talks about how you’re supposed to tip between 15 and 20%. Most people tip according to what the total on their bill is. But you can save a few bucks if you tip on the subtotal, before they add in the tax.

They say the average person can easily save $400 a year by doing it. But the reaction has been pretty negative.

A lot of people think there are better ways to save money than shortchanging your server. Others said if you’re that worried about money, you should just eat out less.

Some people think it’s perfectly fine though. You shouldn’t be expected to factor tax into your tip in the first place.  CNBC even talked to an etiquette expert who said tipping pre-tax is totally acceptable.

The Morning Crew talked about their tipping policy this morning.