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Avengers:Endgame opens Friday, April 26th and you may think the most important question regarding the film is how are the Avengers going to undo Thano’s devastating snap that wiped out half the universe?? But in reality it’s what the best time to take a bathroom break during a three hour film?

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I don’t know about you, but the movies just aren’t the same without a large popcorn and soda to wash it all down with. There really is never a good time to go to the bathroom during a movie because you never know what you are going to miss, but Cnet has some suggestions for the best time to do your business during the three hour flick.

However it is strongly suggested you will not want to leave your seat if you’re more than two hours in! However, they have broken down a few times where you can run… literally run.. to the bathroom.

When the San Francisco title card comes on screen

If you didn’t go before the film, you won’t miss much if you duck out now. This Ant-Man segment is about 30 minutes into the film and is mostly just Scott connecting dots the audience already knows.

When Hulk is having lunch

This scene occurs a little over an hour into the film. Cnet claims this scene is amusing but missing it isn’t a deal breaker. The next 10 to 15 minutes after this scene is the safest window to hit the restroom.

When the New Jersey title card comes on screen

This is your last chance to get to the bathroom before you miss some crucial scenes. This scene is nostalgia filled and would be easy to fill in the blanks you may miss if you break now.

-Nicole Siberry