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A Texas high school has implemented a new mandatory dress code – except this one applies to parents, not students.

Carlotta Outley Brown is the principal at James Madison High School in Houston. She sent out a letter earlier this month to the parents telling them they need to start dressing more appropriately when they’re dropping off or picking up their kids.

In the letter, Principal Brown said “we have to have standards, most of all we must have high standards”. But some are calling the new policy insulting and discriminatory.

Here are some things you can’t wear while visiting James Madison High School in Houston: pajamas, hair rollers, shower caps, undershirts, torn jeans, or “dresses that are up to your behind”.

Some of the parents are unhappy but so is the Houston Federation of Teachers. They said “Turning someone away because their hair’s in rollers is a little ridiculous.”

The Morning Crew talked about it this morning. Here is what XTU Nation thinks of the situation.