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Taylor Swift dropped her brand new song “ME!” last night, which features Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco.  It’s amazing in all the ways, but what I noticed most is that she revealed a decent amount of clues that are all odes to her country music start.   We all know that Taylor doesn’t do ANYTHING by coincidence.  EVERYTHING is planned.  So I started thinking, what if this means she is going back to her roots to include some country songs in her yet to be revealed new album!

Here are the clues:

  1.  Her Instagram post with the 7 palm trees.  On one side of the picture is 4 Palm trees, which some say are a representation of her first 4 country albums.  On the other side of the picture is 2 Palm trees, which represents her two pop albums.  In the middle is 1 Palm tree…album #7 – a combo of BOTH pop and country!
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2.  She commissioned her mural to be done in Nashville.  She hasn’t done ANY publicity in Nashville for her last two albums. Not only is the mural permanently in Nashville, she showed up and did press in Nashville, something she hasn’t done in a long time.

3.  FRINGE!  Nothing says country music like a FRINGE JEAN JACKET!

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4.  THE DIXIE CHICKS!  Taylor has a line in her new song ME! that says, “there’s alot of cool chicks out there.”  In the video it keeps showing a wall of baby chicks, BUT right in the middle is a painting of the original badass chicks, the DIXIE CHICKS!  They even posted about it on their Instagram, which some fans are saying is a clue about a collabo with Taylor and The Dixie Chicks on her upcoming album!  Another clue, Taylor gave props to the Dixie Chicks in her recent Elle article saying it was one of her favorite songs of all time!

  • “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks: “I instantly recall the feeling of being 12 years old, sitting in a little wood-paneled room in my family home in Pennsylvania. I’m clutching a guitar and learning to play the chords and sing the words at the same time, rehearsing for a gig at a coffee house.”
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5.  COWBOY BOOTS!  There’s an entire scene in her new video where she is rock white cowboy boots.  What else says country music and Nashville than cowboy boots!

Here’s the full video of ME! in all it’s glory!