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Every weekend, I’ll bring you some of my favorite things – it might be a recipe, a movie, skincare products, makeup or just anything that I’m really into!  Let me know what you’re into as well!

  • Moshulu’s Wine Popsicle

Moshulu’s delightful wine popsicle

The Moshulu has a ton of fancy (and delicious) drinks, especially if you’re dining upstairs on their beautiful deck.  This gem is a glass of sauvignon blanc with a popsicle.  Yep, wine and a popsicle.  I’m not sure that this could get any better!


  • Sixers Wooly

Sixers Cap

My husband bought this wooly sometime back in September or so.  I promptly stole it.  Sorry babe.  But not really!  And with the Sixers doing so well right now, it’s the perfect top off to any outfit!  And it’s still kind of cool enough at night to rock it!


  • 365 Everday Value Citrus Grapefruit Body Lotion

365 Citrus Grapefruit Lotion

Y’all!  This lotion is perfect if you don’t like heavy, super creamy body lotions.  It’s thin but effective.  And the scent is light but crisp.  It’s full of sesame and coconut oil so it’s super hydrating without being slick or thick.  Get it at Whole Foods.