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A recent surney found that three out of four people want a total ban on physical contact in the workplace. So what should we do about that?

Employers are considering banning handshakes under new rules about physical contact at work.

They’re doing it to avoid confusion about what kind of touch is acceptable. They may ban it altogether to avoid costly sexual harassment claims.

The policy suggestion comes with the understanding that each working culture is dfferent so each place of business should do what is right for them. Some experts say that going with a ‘no contact at all’ policy is better because there’s no grey area. It makes it simple.

The #MeToo movement had prompted employers to think hard about how to prevent sexual harassment claims. In some cases implementing more ‘black and white’ policies is what is best for business

No matter what the policy is staff should be aware of any policies and stick to it – even at a work event. The classic example is the Christmas party. There are always a lot of questions about how to control staff behavior at events.

No matter what experts recommend employers send out a memo reminding staff of their policies, advising them to ‘be sensible, but don’t cross the line’