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Brian McKay

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My next brunch stop is a place I go to many times.  The Silk City Diner at 5th and Spring Garden Streets has been wowing everyone with their style of New American Cuisine for dinner and brunch 7 days a week.  There’s also live music and DJ’s in the bar certain nights of the week.

The restaurant is an old diner car built in the 50s in Patterson, NJ which was known as the “Silk City”, hence the name of the diner.  By the mid 1950’s the diner car was brought to a cocktail lounge at it’s current location.  In 2007, they revamped the diner and bar and built a beer garden that opens every Spring.

The Silk City Diner is packed especially during brunch, and there’s a good’s comfort food at it’s best.

I’ve had a lot of their dishes from Bee’s Breakfast Burrito to The South Philly Omelette.

But my go to foods I can’t pass up are the starters like their Fried Pickles with ranch dressing.  When they have “Fried Green Tomatoes”, definitely get it when they have ’em as a special.

But my favorite is their Chicken & Waffles.  Now I’ve had chicken & waffles before but these guys elevate it to the max.  It’s a honey chipotle waffle with chicken tenders, topped with corn puree and country sausage gravy.  Put the syrup on and you got a perfect blend of sweet and savory right there.

Check out their brunch every day starting at 10am, and come for dinner starting at 4pm.

Here’s all the info:

Silk City Diner Bar & Lounge

435 Spring Garden Street (5th & Spring Garden)

Philadelphia, PA 19123

(215) 592-8838

-Brian McKay