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Are you feeling sad? Burger King has a meal for you!!!

Let’s face it, nobody is happy all the time, so Burger King is using its playful rivalry against McDonalds to raise awareness during Mental Health Awareness Month.

They’ve come up with a new line of meal boxes that show many different emotions which is available in select locations across the country.

Burger King’s new “Real Meals” come in five different varieties. The have a P’d Off Meal, a Blue Meal, a Salty Meal (for when you’re bitter), a YAAAS meal (for when you’re excited). They even have a DGAF meal (for people who don’t care about anything).

Each meal comes with a whopper and fries, but no toy!!!!

The boxes are getting a positive response on social media and is a great way to bring attention to an issue that affects many people here and abroad.

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No one is happy all the time. And that’s okay! For Mental Health awareness month, @BurgerKing teamed up with @MentalHealthAmerica to introduce “Real Meals”. A Whopper Combo Meal which comes in the box of your choosing. • ???? Pissed Meal ???? DGAF Meal ???? Salty Meal ???? Yaaas Meal ???? Blue Meal • No one is perfect, and Burger King is encouraging individuals to “feel their way”. It’s very important for people to speak out on any issues they have going on inside. It’s easier said than done, but huge kudos to BK for raising awareness! They have also donated to MHA and you can too, either by following the link in their bio or by purchasing one of these meals. #FeelYourWay • ???? **Participating restaurant locations: 3301 Fourth Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98134; 474 7th Avenue, New York, New York, 10018; 4918 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90027; Farm-to-Market 969, Austin, Texas, 78724; 1100-5th Street, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139

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