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I got such an awesome response to my first post about some of my favorite things, I decided to do it again!  Enjoy!


  • Trader Joe’s individually packed Coconut Oil

This is a game changer for sure!  This box contains 14 small packets of coconut oil.  Why do you need this?  Travel, that’s why.  See, I use coconut oil to take my makeup off at night.  When I travel, I usually spoon out enough coconut oil into a small plastic container that will never smell like anything but coconut oil forever and ever until the end of time…  And I worry about carrying such a container on a plane.  So, individually wrapped little packets of organic coconut oil?  SCORE!

Maybe I’ll do a whole post one day about my whole skincare routine…  Whatcha think?  (And follow me on Instagram – Jennifer_Scordo_)


  • Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola

This one may seem a little weird for you…  but I like this stuff!  And I’m kinda the only person that likes it – so far at least…  Well  my husband and my mom like it, but I haven’t met anyone else that claims to enjoy Orange Vanilla Coke.  My mom grew up in Ohio and she used to drink a soda called Barq’s Red Creme Soda – it’s a Midwestern thing…  Orange Vanilla Coke tastes just like Barq’s.  Growing up she used to bring a case or two home anytime we would visit Ohio.  So this flavor is a little nostalgic for me 🙂  Try it though, you might love it!


  • Romper from Target

How cute is this romper?  Jumpsuit?  Whatever, this is cute!  And it was only $30 from Target.  Its flowy and not constricting at all (thankfully!)  It hits about mid-calf for me, so it’s perfect for heels or flats.  Perfect for summer!  You might see this outfit appear in my weekend recap in pictures tomorrow…


  • Member’s Mark Chicken Bites

If you follow me on Instagram (see above), you’ve heard of these gems.  And gems they are!  You can find this huge 3 lb bag at Sam’s Club.  And if you like Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, then you will LOVE these!  Verrrryyyy similar.  I put 5 in my air fryer and then plop them on a salad.  A little ranch dressing and you’ve got a tasty, semi-healthy lunch.  And they really are an almost identical swap for Chick-fil-A.


What kind of things caught your eye this week?  A new book?  Podcast?  Food?  Let me know!