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Nicole Michalik

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Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Here’s Week 2 of our new feature.

One of the biggest things from last week is I started up my “Miles With Nicole is Nik” Walking/Running group!  It’s a Facebook group where we walk or run at least one mile a day every day in May.  I need to get back in shape and I though it would be perfect to bring back because doing it with others motivates me.

I would LOVE for you to join the group.  CLICK HERE to join!  Everyone is welcome!

Friday was the longest day I had in a very long time.  First I MCed (and was interviewed) for this INCREDIBLE networking event in Manayunk created by Cheldin Rumer from This is It TV.   My interview will be up soon, but for now, enjoy this super fun gif from the event.

THEN I headed to West Chester for a 925XTU Bar Crawl.  I met some of the most AMAZING listeners!  And I forgot how cute West Chester is.  So many great bars, restaurants, art galleries, etc.

Saturday I went for breakfast at Green Eggs with my best friend Joe, then we I recruited him to go on my walk with me for my challenge.  I live in the city so we walked up to Rittenhouse, through the square, stopped for salads at Sweet Green, then I came home and relaxed for a little,  THEN went to see Trevor Noah at The Met.  HE WAS HILARIOUS!  Not to mention, if you haven’t been to The Met yet, it’s a new venue and it’s gorgeous!  They redid the venue on North Broad which is over 100 years ago.  It feels like you’re in a movie.

Yesterday, I walked up to Broad Street, yes in the rain, to see the Broad Street Run.  I did it a few years ago and it was hell.  Ha.  I trained so hard and it turned out it was a freak heat wave and it was literally 95 degrees.  I know it seems insane to run in the rain, but I would rather do that than the heat ANY day.  And it’s weird but I love to watch races.  I hate running so much, that I love watching people who are good at it.  Ha.  Then did a little shopping – Home Goods, Target, Pier 1, etc.  I am actually SO SAD because Pier 1 discontinued my FAVORITE scent – Sugared Cinnamon.  Ugh.  After I got home, I went for my walk, in the rain on Broad Street, then watched the Sixers game.  UGH.  I had to turn it off half-way through b/c I was too stressed.  Joel is always sick and Ben can’t handle the pressure.  It’s so frustrating.  Then went to eat at Chipotle because Cinco De Mayo.  Yay Guac!