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Aaron Rodgers…  King of the North?  I think not, but he may appear in Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode.

Though it’s not certain, all signs are pointing to the fact that Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers will appear in episode 5 in the hugely popular HBO series Game of Thrones.


Well the QB Tweeted a few weeks ago with #episode5shouldbegood…

Obviously that doesn’t mean that Rodgers will actually appear in the episode on Sunday, ala Chris Stapleton, but the show has been honoring famous fans.  Pop singer Ed Sheeran had a speaking role last season.  And I’m still hoping that he reappears before the end of the series.  Nobody actually saw Eddie die…

Men’s Health is pretty certain that Rodgers will appear in the next episode however, stating that he and girlfriend Danica Patrick were spotted in Ireland last year,

“Additionally, Rodgers and his girlfriend, race car driver Danica Patrick, were spotted in Northern Ireland last summer, where much of the Thrones filming—including Winterfell, the Iron Islands, and more—takes place.”

Admittedly, as an Eagles fans, I’m ok with seeing Aaron Rodgers’s character fall to the King of the North 🙂