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It’s wedding season! I’ve already been to a couple this year and they got me thinking about a Fab-U-List you can check off while getting ready for a formal event. From your head to your toes, I’ve got ya covered …


If Meghan Markle’s royal wedding taught us anything it’s that natural is beautiful. Please, don’t over-do your make up. I was at a wedding recently where every bridesmaid looked like she wore a Jane Jetson mask. They all looked exactly the same – and they all wore way too much makeup.

There are so many great makeup tutorials on YouTube, you really don’t need to pay someone to do it for you. Or check out this list of great tips. But if you’re getting your makeup done professionally don’t let the event be the first time you see your makeup artist’s work – or – at least be prepared to guide him/her to make sure you look like you, not their version of you.



4 – HAIR

If you search celebs on the red carpet you’ll see their hair isn’t perfect – which is what makes it perfect … NO PRESSURE!!!

Use your hair as an accessory.  If your dress is super dressy, go a little more natural with your hair. If your dress needs a little pizzazz, dress it up with a perfectly coiffed up-do.

Speaking of which …



I think women forget that accessories can dress up or down just about anything in your closet. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gown if you take time to accessorize your look properly to dress it up for the occasion. That LBD that you’ve had for 10 years can get a new look with a dramatic necklace like this string of pearls or this red bib necklace and killer shoes or boots.

Get creative!



The old adage is true: You can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. And it goes for women, too. I love funking up a dressy outfit with some cool boots or shoes, but if my outfit is a little on the flashy side, I’ll go with a more conservative shoe.

The key is balance.



And finally – the most important thing in all the world is smoothing out those lumps and bumps with some great shapewear.  Listen – I’m being so serious right now – if you’re wearing a dress that clings even the slightest little bit, and you’re not wearing hose, no one is looking at you, they’re looking at your pantyline and every little lump and bump on your body.

Don’t get mad at me. It’s not about looking slimmer – it’s about looking smoother.

Get yourself a pair of high-waisted Spanks that go all the way up to your bra.  They make footless if you’re wearing open-toed shoes!

No one has to know – but if you don’t wear them, we’ll all know. And it wont’ be good.