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“Yo, youse guys wanna grab some hoagies and head down the shore?” Does that jawn turn you on?

The Philly accent has been named the 8th Sexiest Accent in the U.S.A., according to Big Seven Travel.

Our local vernacular – that’s a big word for a Philly guy – sits in the top echelon of accents that’ll make you swoon. Maybe.

Big Seven Travel writes:

“One of the world’s most unique dialects is in the Delaware Valley – the infamous Philly talk. The words “fight” and “bike” sound more like “foit” and “boik,” while “very” becomes “vurry”. It’s a thick accent, but hey, if it’s good enough for Will Smith…”

We got wooder ice and jimmies on our ice cream but the Texas Twang was named the Sexiest Accent in the country.

I guess I get that…  Maren, Kacey and Miranda can whisper in my ear anytime.
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