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Well, that sounds kinda scary.  But not to worry, the asteroid will pass by Earth tonight about 3.2 million miles away.

Even being that far away, that’s actually considered relatively close to Earth.  Philly Voice says that’s it’s considered a “Near Earth Object.”


“It’s one of the closest binary flybys probably in recent history,” Vishnu Reddy, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, told NBC News.

Double gulp.

All joking aside, this asteroid, named 1999 KW4, and its small moon will fly between Earth and our moon around 7pm tonight.

Pretty gulping cool!

But just wait 10 short years and an even bigger asteroid will make its way much closer to Earth!

Philly Voice,

In 2029, 99942 Apophis will come within roughly 20,000 miles of Earth, stunningly close considering the Moon is 238,855 miles away from Earth.