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Yes, eight co-champions are going home with the National Spelling Bee Cup after a monumental competition!  One of the winners, Shruthika Padhy is from Cherry Hill.

Padhy, a 13-year-old student at Rosa International Middle School is no stranger to the spelling bee.

According to The Courier Post,

The dramatic finish came in Shruthika’s fourth year at the national contest.

She first competed at the national level in 2016 as a 5th grade student from Bret Harte Elementary School.

She tied for 22nd place that year, but moved up to a tie for 17th place in 2017 and for 10th place last year, according to the Bee’s website.

No surprise, I’ve never even heard of the words that she was tasked with spelling to become a co-champion.

According to Merriam-Webster, these are actual words…

Therblig –

1one of the manual, visual, or mental elements into which an industrial manual operation may be analyzed in time and motion study
2a symbol devised for representing a therblig in writing or notation
Limitrophe –
situated on a border or frontier ADJACENT 
Aiguillette –
specifically a shoulder cord worn by designated military aides