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Last week I went to on of my go-to places for brunch, the Trolley Car Cafe in East Falls.  This week I got up early on a weekday to go to their “sister” restaurant, the Trolley Car Diner on Germantown Avenue at the border of Mr Airy and Chestnut Hill.

On weekends there is a line out the door, and no wonder..the food is amazing.

One look and you’ll a retro-style decor that reminds you of those “old 50’s boxcar diners” which gives it it’s own charm.

As far as the food, it’s amazing..the Trolley Car Diner has a broad menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner staples.

I checked out their “early bird menu” and they have every thing sweet like pancakes and belgian waffles to eggs and cheesy grits.

I actually orded what they call “The Wyndmoor” which is a Southwest Breakfast Bowl.  When my waitress brought this to the table, I opened my eyes and said “Wow!!!”

It’s a mix of scrambled eggs, salsa, cheese, sour cream, avocado, scalions and your choice of breakfast meat (I went with turkey sausage).  All I can say is “filling and satisfying.”

Of course the Trolley Car Diner is not just for breakfast, but have awesome lunch and dinner specials.

Save some room for dessert with their ice cream, pies and cakes.

If you’re traveling up Germantown Ave, and you got the craving for a good meal, get in line to the Trolley Car Diner, it’s worth the wait!!!!!

Early Bird Specails

Need my usual coffee

You can get breakfast all day!!!

Great starters.

The decor is a trip back in time.

The decor is retro on the outside.

The Southwest Breakfast Bowl was to die for


Trolley Car Diner & Deli

7619 Germantown Ave,

Philadelphia, PA 19119



-Brian McKay