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By: Andie Summers

OJ Simpson is on Twitter – and he’s getting even.

Almost to the day of the 25thanniversary of the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ron Goldman murders OJ started a Twitter account, and his first tweet is a video:  “I’ve got a little gettin’ even to do.”

This. Will. Be. Interesting.

Is Nicole Kidman bald?  Yeah. This is a thing. There is a conspiracy theory out there that, because Nic has changed her hair styles – which are wigs – for so many of the movie roles she’s played, that she’s ALWAYS wearing a wig.

Everybody knows a Linda, right?  Turns out Linda is the trendiest American name of all time.  According to Readers Digest: the next trendiest girl’s names are Brittany, Debra, and Shirley – and for boys, it’s Dewey, Jason, and Grover.

Miranda has a new tattoo! Whaddya think?

Listen to Andie Summers and Dave Cruise talk about all these stories and more, in today’s “X-Files”…