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Sam Hunt isn’t known for singing traditional country music as his music leans quite pop, but he shared with Taste Of Country recently that he may be headed into a new more traditional country direction.

Hunt has been writing new songs on his guitar. He says, “The songs typically, when you pick up a guitar and write ‘em on a guitar there’s a different spirit about it. They tend to go more singer-songwriter … even more traditional, in terms of the genre.”

The Georgia native explains, “So far, my music has been influenced by pop culture. And I’ve used my pop culture foresight to create a sound that I thought would be effective in today’s times. Now I’m not paying as much attention to that. I think as I continue to write songs, I may lean on country roots I think a little more than where the culture is going, musically.”

He continued, “So I don’t know how that will work out, ultimately, but I think it will be fun for me to kind of create a more pure version of the music that’s been influenced by my country background.”

No word yet on when he will be releasing new music.

-Nancy Brooks