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NEW FRIEND! – In Disney and Pixar’s “Toy Story 4,” Bonnie makes a new friend in kindergarten orientation—literally. When Forky—Bonnie’s craft-project-turned-toy—declares himself trash and not a toy, Woody takes it upon himself to show Forky why he should embrace being a toy. ©2019 Dinsey/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.


The Maren Morris issue of Playboy is out – and for all you haters, it turns out what she said was more revealing than her photos.  That story is coming up, but first …

Congratulations to Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell on their engagement. You may know that Lauren was previously engaged to The Bachelor star Ben Higgins who talked about her NEW engagement on his podcast saying he is happy for them, and hopes this –quote- separates us.


Toy Story 4 hits theaters tomorrow – and one of the hottest guys in Hollywood has a role in this one. Keanu Reeves voices an antique car named Duke Caboom.


The Playboy issue featuring Maren Morris is out and the most risqué photos were the ones she shared on social media last week – so it was tastefully done, for sure. Playboy asked Maren about where she was personally between her last album, Hero, and this one:

I started to become more of a boss and a sort of CEO for myself, putting my band and crew on salary, giving them health insurance, becoming the head of this machine.

I also fell in love. I started to open up more to my fans. I wanted people to know I’m still that girl, but I’m growing up and I’m okay with being vulnerable. It’s not a weakness. When you find an equal in your life, it’s not you giving up anything or any part of you; it’s sharing your whole self with another whole self. It took me a second to realize that’s a good thing.