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I was walking through the crowd at the show and I heard this young man call out my name. He’s my friend Fred Sanger. He gave me a photo of his mom. She would have loved to have been here with us. His Dad, Fred talked about how much he missed her. I have seem them all at country music shows over the years together. This moment reminded me that our radio station over the past 35 years has touched all of our lives. Thanks Fred Jr. and Fred III. I’ll cherish the photo.

JJ Scordo:

My favorite parts of Saturday (besides everything lol) were the weather and being able to stand near Brian and the color guard on stage while he sang the National Anthem.



Hanging with the artists on the side stage. I always enjoy getting to know the younger, up and coming country music stars of the future. Dylan Schneider’s dad and myself are from the same tribe. We have both followed The Grateful Dead in our youth (one of us still does). Cassadee Pope and I discussed the difference between Aquafina water and Poland Springs water. We concluded there is not really a difference. Payton Taylor is a Jersey Girl. She just played a great set in the afternoon heat and after saying hi to fans was lugging her own guitar and huge bag back to her ride, until I took it from her. Walker Hayes is well on his way to playing the main stage at a future show. Dude travels light. Him and a guitar.

Our listeners. XTU Nation is united. Talking with listeners as they lined up to meet our side stage artists is always a highlight. Everybody was happy to be there, showing appreciation and respect toward the artists and each other. I took my “lawn walk” before Chris Young took the stage and met some new friends. From the couple with their young son, dancing around and playing, to discussing different tours and concerts with another dude who came over to say hi. On the way off the lawn I always like to upgrade a random couple to seats underneath and did so just as CY hit the stage. Smiles all around.

Dave Cruise:

My favorite part of the day was seeing how welcoming XTU Nation was to me to the morning show and the station.

XTU Anniversary Show

Producer Michaelina:

I grew up listening to XTU and I was raised on country music so to finally be a part of the XTU family, and talking and hanging out with our listeners and watching everyone have fun was definitely my favorite part. It was so cool to see each and every person there having nothing but a great time and partying like our country fans do!



Hosting the side-stage and hanging with Walker Hayes (who’s such a DIFL), Casadee Pope (who’s just so cool and flew all the way from Chicago to make sure she could come play our show), Payton Taylor (who is a total rockstar and makes me so proud that she’s from here), and Dylan Schneider (who got the crowd so hype and rock Timberlands in June). Ha!  Meeting Chris Young and telling him this was my first Anniversary Show. Going out on stage and hyping up the crowd and hanging out and meeting all of the awesome listeners!


Brian McKay:

A few highlights from the day were getting to sing the National Anthem on stage before Dylan Scott and also interviewing Dylan Scott cause it is rare I get to interview the major stars. You can check out the interview here. 


My Favorite moment was the XTU Xperience with Chris Young!  Having Chris spend time before the doors to the venue opened with our loyal listeners and do a Q& A with Andie Summers and then to top it off and perform a private show for our listeners was magical!

XTU Anniversary Show