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Darius Brown, a 12 year-old from Newark, New Jersey is using his organization Beaux and Paws to donate handmade bow ties to dress up shelter animals for adoption.

When Darius was 2 he was diagnosed with a speech delay, comprehension delay, and fine motor skills delay, despite that his family encouraged him to use his creativity and love for animals and fashion to develop this brand.

“It helps the dog look noticeable, very attractive,” he told Today. “It helps them find a forever, loving home … I love everything about dogs and cats.”

When Darius was 8 his mother and sister would work with him to improve his fine motor skills by teaching him to cut fabrics and learning to sew.

After that Darius started to make bow ties for himself. According to Today, Beaux and Paws was born after people would ask Darius where he got his bowties from.

Darius and his organization have donated hundreds of bow ties to shelters through the country.

For every purchase from Beaux and Paws, a donation is made to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and uses some proceeds to buy materials to continue to create more bow ties.