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Nicole Michalik

Weekdays 3PM-7PM

It’s going to be a hot one, so make sure you drink LOTS OF WATER!  Like more than normal.  Like lots and lots of water!  Don’t forget to tag us in your pics and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @ 925XTU!  ps – If you’re not already following us, do that too!  😉

Here are the details!


7:30 PM 7:55 PM

CARLY PEARCE – Performance (25 min)

7:55 PM 8:10 PM

Set Change / DJ Silver – Performance (15 min)

8:10 PM 8:55 PM

KANE BROWN – Performance (45 min)

8:55 PM 9:25 PM

Set Change: DJ Silver – Performance (30 min)

9:25 PM – Jason performance

*All times subject to change.